5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Brand – Sculpt Creative Concepts

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Brand – Sculpt Creative Concepts


Video is one of the current contents out there gaining massive engagement daily. Quite recently I saw someone call out an online comedy skit maker because he paid some amount of money for a thriller video as regards a music that was to be released but didn’t get the value for the money in time. Going through the thread I saw the amount agreed upon and people’s comments on the said amount. What message does this pass to us? Video is one popular content in this digital world and it’s not changing anytime soon. Video is one of the ways to connect on a deeper level with your audience. Apart from it being fun and super engaging, it also passes the message across in a social way!

To our audience today, it’s much more than just products or services, it’s an experience, an invitation to share in your brand’s philosophy, values and get valid information about how their needs can be met through you.

In this blog post, I’ll be listing 5 reasons why you should consider video marketing for your brand.

  1. It commands attention: are you looking for engaging ways to grab the attention of your audience online? Videos capture the audio and visual attention of your audience and if engaging enough, will retain their attention. Videos have been shown to be powerful in capturing the attention of online consumers has shown in a several studies done by Moz with heat mapping tools to check the flow of interactions on web pages
  1. Increased Engagement: According to an article published by Hubspot, video contents were shown to have top engagement when compared with other forms of contents as people resort more to checking out video reviews of products online before making purchases.
  1. Higher Search Engine Ranking: according to moovly, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google search engine If a video is embedded on your website. Try giving your videos a Search Engine Optimized Caption and descriptions and increase your chances of ranking high on google search engine and also on Youtube.
  1. Influence Decision Makers: according to Hubspot, about 72% would rather watch a video to learn more about a product before making the decision on whether to purchase or not. Also HighQ in a presentation highlighted that 75% of business executives watch work related videos at least weekly.
  1. It appeals more to mobile users: Mobile users have been shown to be the highest consumers of video content with an average of 90% as stated by wyzowl. Youtube equally reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

You might be guessing, why all this? If you are not yet using video content, you are missing out. It is one of the most operational ways to reach consumers in this digital age especially on social and mobile platforms. In the end, it makes the most impact on your viewers and that will only help you bottom line.

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